Black Powder

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The SSPC Black Powder group shoots on the second and fourth Sunday of each month at 10.30 am on E range.

Black Powder Pistol is a Pistol Australia event. While the PA discipline incorporates both 25 metre and 50 metre matches, SSPC currently shoots the 13 shot 25 metre match.

Colt 1860 reproduction Ruger Old Army

Pistols used in Black Powder include single shot muzzle loaded percussion cap pistols and “cap and Ball” revolvers. Most shooters in the club use revolvers, with the Ruger Old Army model being popular. Several manufacturers make authentic reproductions Colt and Remington cap and ball revolvers from the 1800s.

The handling of black powder and the loading and use of black powder pistols involve some additional safety considerations. Any member wishing to take up black powder pistol must contact the coordinator before attending. If you are new to black powder firearms, a brief training session can be arranged.