NEW MEMBERS: Applications for membership (and training for a firearms licence) are again being accepted. Note that you must follow the process described under the menu heading HOME/The Membership Process.

COMMITTEE MEETING are held on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of each month at 7:30pm.

ATTENDANCES : Members should already be aware that amendments to the ACT and NSW Firearms Regulations provide for a moratorium on attendance requirements while the COVID health emergency declarations are in place.

PISTOL AUSTRALIA FEES REDUCED: see this and other info in the November bulletin on Document Links page

NSW PERMITS: SSPC members resident in NSW are reminded that Permits to Acquire can only be sought by email to While we are a NSW approved shooting club we are not currently included in the on-line system for Category H firearms.

USE OF CHECK-IN-CBR APP – The ACT government requires all persons entering the ranges or facilities managed by SSPC ACT to record entry using the CHECK-in-CBR app. This is additional to sign-in arrangements required for attendance records. SSPC has posted a QR code at every range entrance point. Different QR codes may be used elsewhere in the Majura Complex, and similar check-in requirements may apply.