Air Pistol is a challenging and enjoyable discipline which is unmatched by any other. This is because it requires the elements of controlled breathing, sight alignment, stance and trigger control to come together at exactly the same time you choose to engage the target.

The 10 metre Air Pistol competition was introduced at the World Championship level in Phoenix, United States in 1970 and into the Olympics in Seoul, Korea in 1988. The 10 metre Air Pistol event is governed by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

Men, women, and juniors compete individually (and side by side), in teams and in mixed teams’ events at all levels. Air Pistol is extremely popular around the globe at all ages, and regularly top shooters from other discipline come back to air pistol to retune and sharpen their skills.

Matches are timed and use a target that is 170 millimetres wide and 170 millimetres high. Men (including juniors) have 105 minutes for 60 shots and women (including juniors) have 75 minutes for 40 shots. Over time, the sport has evolved to use electronic targets that provide instant feedback to shooters.

Air Pistol shoots regularly on the 3rd Tuesday evening of every month and on weekends at the Majura Park Air Shed. Check the SSPC ACT Calendar for dates and times. Contact the Air Pistol Discipline Coordinator if you would like to try, shoot on a regular basis, compete or if you have any questions.

To obtain a further understanding of the Air Pistol discipline, visit the governing body ISSF website.