The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) has a range of matches with something that will suit everyone. The ISSF presides over multiple disciplines having its origins steeped at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, along with International Championships. This discipline is an excellent beginning to hone one’s pistol shooting skills.

A range of pistols are used in ISSF disciplines. SSPC ACT compete in 25 metre Standard Pistol, 25 metre Centre Fire Pistol, 25 metre Rapid Fire Pistol, 10 metre Air Pistol and 50 metre Pistol.

SSPC ACT ISSF has also adopted and tailored a match for our experienced (Senior Members) shooters. This match is shot over half the distance with half the rounds. This is not just for experienced members – if you are new to shooting this is where you will develop a firm foundation upon which you can become a competition shooter at the highest levels. Contact the Seniors Match Coordinator for further details.

The ISSF Mid-Week Competition is held over four consecutive weeks up to three times a year on a Thursday from 3.00pm to 6.30pm. The competition comprises of the ISSF 25 metre Standard Pistol, Centre Pistol, and Sports Pistol. The Midweek creates a load of energy and fun amongst the competitors with all levels of shooter competing for awards. It’s not all about the competition. The array of homemade gourmet delights is what makes the Midweek Competition a little different and bring competitions from different discipline together to enjoy the sport of shooting and bring out that competitive edge. If you are interested in competition in the Midweek Competition check the SSPC ACT Calendar for dates or alternatively contact the ISSF Discipline Coordinator.

ISSF shoots regularly on a dedicated range. Check the SSPC ACT Calendar for dates and times. Contact the ISSF Discipline Coordinator if you would like to try, shoot on a regular basis, compete or if you have any questions.

To obtain a further understanding of ISSF and the various matches visit the Australian governing body Pistol Australia website.