If you want to experience a slice of pistol history then the Black Powder discipline is where it is at. The discipline involves the use of black powder propellant in muzzle-loaded percussion cap pistols and ‘cap and ball’ revolvers. Black powder was widely employed in the 1800s across the world, including by the English Red Coats and United States Army.

Modern black powder pistols are well-made replicas of the original pistol type or can be of modern design made especially for black powder.

The most famous black powder pistol was the Colt Walker which was a collaboration between Texas Ranger Captain Samuel Hamilton Walker and the American firearms inventor Samuel Colt.

Black Powder matches are Pistol Australia events, shot at distances 25 and 50 metres. The SSPC ACT Black Powder discipline shoots the 13-shot 25 metre match. Many people find great fascination and satisfaction in this type of historically based shooting which involves a high degree of skill to hit targets accurately.

The handling of black powder along with loading black powder pistols (and rifles) involves some additional safety considerations, so it is important to seek professional advice from the Black Powder Discipline Coordinator or experienced members of the SSPC ACT.

Black Powder shoots on the second and fourth Sunday of each month beginning at 10.30am on ‘E’ Range. Check the SSPC ACT Calendar for dates and times. Contact the Black Powder Discipline Coordinator if you would like to try, shoot on a regular basis, compete or if you have any questions. To obtain a further understanding of Black Powder visit the Australian governing body Pistol Australia website.