The following should be self explanatory. If you have ANY questions about the membership or training process then please contact the New Member Coordinator or the Chief Instructor

Once you are a member of SSPC ACT you can access the necessary training and assistance needed to obtain a Category H (handgun) licence. This involves numerous sessions over a minimum of six months. 

After you have been accepted as a member, you will be scheduled into Stage One training by the Chief Instructor. Before attending the Stage One Training, please purchase and ensure to bring with you ‘Hearing’ and ‘Eye’ Protection as it is MANDATORY for training and when on SSPC ACT Inc. ranges.

Stage One Training is a requirement of each new member seeking an H class firearms licence, and consists of 4 components: Legislation, Safety, and Shooting Basics 1 & 2. 

At present, we are focused on a condensed version of stage one training, requiring each candidate to complete pre-reading documents, written assessments and, of course, live range activities and competencies. This is generally being run over two days, scheduled each month in accordance with Instructor availability, and is a pass/fail event. 

NSW candidates will be issued a Safety Certificate after a successful completion of their first day, allowing them to make quick application for their Probationary Pistol Licence (PPL) through the Services NSW website. 

After the successful completion of this stage one training, each candidate will then be required to attend Stage two Probation rotations. 

Stage Two Probation Rotations, is designed to allow each new member not only the opportunity to experience all the disciplines the club has on offer, but to hone the shooters confidence and competency with the various firearms. This is a 6-month period during which time it is up to each new member to schedule and attend live fire activities provided by disciplines such as IPSC, ISSF, Action, Service, Black Powder and Air Pistol – to name a few. 

The Stage Two Probation Rotation is conducted in the following order 1. ISSF, 2. Air Pistol, 3. Black Powder, 4. Field Pistol, 5. Metallic Silhouette, 6. Service, 7. Action, 8. IPSC. You must arrange any training rotation by contacting the relevant coordinator. Contact details can be found on the previous Contact Us page. If you strike any problems accessing a discipline group, contact the Chief Instructor.

After a new member completes the 6-month stage two – probation rotations, they will have a much better understanding of what discipline suits their style and what types of firearms are used.

Final Assessment – Once the Probation Rotations have been completed (in no less than 6 months), each new member will then be required to attend a Final Assessment,  consisting of a written test and a practical display of competency and safety with a firearm, before then being provided their SSPC endorsed documentation to obtain their H class licence (or be eligible to submit their first Permit to Acquire a Firearm in NSW).