Once you have been accepted as a member and paid your fees, you can start training that will help you obtain your Cat H (handgun) licence.  This involves twelve sessions over six months.  The regulations regarding firearms training require the training to be completed in six months, so you should be prepared to make this a priority.  If you don’t complete the training in the six month period, you may need to start all over again.

Stage One requires you to attend four sessions on the first four Sunday mornings of your scheduled month.  These must be attended sequentially, as each one builds on the experience of the last.  To book in for Stage One training contact the Chief Instructor at instructors@sspcact.org.au.  If you do not get a quick response then please check your spam folder. 

(There is a slight variation here for NSW residents, who must attend the first session to complete a Safe Handling Certificate, then apply for a NSW Probationary Pistol license.  Once the NSW Probationary License is received, you then start your training.  Note that there may be a 4-6 week delay from completing the Safe Handling Certificate to receiving the Probationary License.  SSPC is unable to commence the 12 training sessions for NSW members until they have their Probationary License.)

After the first four sessions have been completed you may move to Stage Two, which involves seven sessions across most of the different shooting disciplines offered by the club (i.e. Action, Air Pistol, Black Powder, Field Pistol, ISSF, Metallic Silhouette, Field Pistol, Practical/IPSC, Service and 25yd Service). These are held at different times and different days so you will need to arrange your own timetable in discussion with the various coordinators (see list below or on the Calendar page). Coordinators must be contacted before attending in case a closed match is scheduled. Trainees are NOT able to simply concentrate on one discipline but must show skills across a range of disciplines to qualify for a licence.

When you have completed all of these 11 sessions you demonstrate what you have learned in an exam which is conducted as the 12th session and, on passing, the club will recommend that you be issued with a Category H firearm license.  Once you have that license you can be supported in an application to possess your first pistol.

Contacts and times: Training Rotations

If you strike any problems accessing a discipline group contact the Chief Instructor at instructors@sspcact.org.au