Service Pistol is a challenging centrefire match testing marksmanship and a variety of shooting skills. Revolvers are the preferred pistol of choice in this discipline, but semi-automatic pistols are also widely used.

Service Pistol matches are contested at 50, 25, 10 and seven yards with a total of 90 rounds used and a maximum of 900 points reachable. Competitors shoot free standing as well as from standing, prone, kneeing and sitting positions behind a barricade.

The 25 Yard Service Pistol match is a variant to the standard Service Pistol match which restricts the barrel length of the pistol to approximately four inches. No speed loaders are allowed; rounds are held in a competitor’s pocket and must be loaded manually.

WA 1500 is similar to the standard Service Pistol match but has three different courses of fire: 150 Shot (over nine different stages), 60 Shot (over five different matches/stages) and 45 Shot (at four different stations). A wide range pistols are used, and each course of fire allows and requires different limitations to each pistol. A maximum of 1500 points can be achieved – hence the name 1500.

Both Service Pistol and WA1500 shoot regularly so check the SSPC ACT Calendar for dates and times. Contact the Service Match Discipline Coordinator or the Service 25 Yard Discipline Coordinator if you would like to try, shoot on a regular basis, compete or if you have any questions.

To obtain a further understanding of Service Pistol or WA 1500 visit the Australian governing body Pistol Australia website.