All ranges other than the 200m range are currently OPEN. Upgrades to the 200m pistol silhouette range may occur at any time during the week other than scheduled match times. Members attending any ranges other than for scheduled competitions are – as always – required to check and sign in at the Main (rifle) Range Office if attended.

Members should note that the gates to the Majura Complex are generally locked from 4:00pm until 8:00am each weekday. Members requiring regular access outside those hours for practice or other purposes may be obtained from the main range office on production of your SSPC membership card. A security fee is payable.


The next meeting of the SSPC management committee will be on Wednesday 20 November at the SSPC Action Clubhouse commencing at 7:30pm.  Prospective new members should attend at 7:00pm


Members are reminded that it is a condition of holding an H-class firearms licence that they regularly participate in target competitions.  The ACT legislation states that “the holder must, in each 12-month period of the licence, take part in 6 shooting competitions that are conducted or organised by the member’s club that take place on separate days“.  Further,  “if the licensee is authorised by the licence to use 2 or more kinds of pistols—4 shooting competitions (or other shooting events) that are conducted or organised by the member’s club for each kind of pistol”.

SSPC is required to report attendances to the ACT and NSW Registries as soon as practicable after the end of the financial year.  It does so based on information collected from each Discipline Coordinator.